How can Websites & More help me?

Discussing your needs face to face is far more effective than trying to do it over the phone.

From concept to reality

We can help you take your internet related idea from concept to reality. We don't just help design your site, we can also help with its marketing and performance.

Realistic pricing

Sometimes you feel people just pluck prices from thin air! We like to keep it simple - we work out how long your project will take and multiply that by our hourly rate.

Working together to help you

We work with other local companies as well as harnessing online tools and marketplaces to ensure you get an amazing result at a great price.

Help with Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Perhaps you're happy with your existing web site but can't get your head around all this 'social media' stuff. Don't worry, we can help with that too.

Just need some help?

If you've built or run your own site already and just want some pointers or assistance the we can help with that too.

You're up in the clouds

All our clients' sites are hosted on a UK-based cloud hosting company. In layman's terms this means speed, performance, and reliability.


What makes Websites & More different?

We are based in a shop and like to work face to face. We have 15 years experience in web development. We utilise online tendering sites as well as other local companies to give you the best result at the best price.

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